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Music For Robots
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Released 2005
Format CD
1. A Watched Pot  El Ten Eleven
2. A Day with Andrew  Stiffed
3. Cat Whiskers  Mini Repertoire vs. Deadelus remix feat. Busdriver
4. Mrs. Rational  Stratageme
5. Cowboy Song  Bumblebeez81
6. Little Girl (MSTRKRFT Remix)  Death From Above 1979
7. Numbers   Seems So Bright
8. Understood  David Brusie
9. Potato Famine  Hysterics
10. I heart LA two  Subtle
11. Potential  Mae-shi
12. Mermaid  Haywood
13. Saginaw  The Subjects
14. High Beams  The National
15. See That  APSCI (feat. Mr. Lif)
16. Just Keep Dancing  Avenue D
17. Truth & Lies  The Presets
18. How to Lie  Shush Shush
19. Euro Girl  Bluffs

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