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Live @ Roxy, Vol. 4 [LIVE]
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Released 2001
Format CD + LP
1. Move Your Body  DJ Rooster & Sammy Peralta
2. Sound of the Drum (Airmale vs. Rauhofer Remix)  Suzanne Palmer
3. Psykofuk (DJ Dozia's Red Alert Mix)  Psykofuk
4. I Like it (Whatsa Matta with that Mix)  Decibel feat. La Veetra
5. Do I Look like a Slut? (Peter's Dirty Ho Mix)  Avenue D
6. Falldown (Mark Knight & Martijnten Velden Dub)  ATFC
7. Want My Body (Mike Cruz Remix)  Pier Pressure
8. Tribal Madness (Tibal Tarante Remix)  Sizequeen
9. Mighty Wind (Original Mix)  Decibel
10. ang 04 (Johnny Vicious Remix)  Johnny Vicious
11. Mysteriosa (Original Mix)  The Transatlantins
12. The Music (Peter's Muzikism Mix)  K&S Project
13. Mother & Father (Peter's Re-invention Remix)  Madonna
14. Re Used (Original Mix)  FC Nond
15. Sexercise (Original Club Mix)  Altar
16. Master of Drums (Robbie's Tools 04 Mix)  Robbie Rivera
17. How Would You Feel (Peter's Re-Construction Mix)  David Morales
18. Kinda New (Tiefschwarz Dub)  Spektrum
19. That's the Way I Like it (Peter's Re-Construction Mix)  Offer Nissim
20. Killer (Peter Rauhofer Remix Part 1)  Seal
21. Waiting in the Darkness (Peter's Star 69 Mix  Morillo
22. Insanity (Original Mix)  DJ Will Beats

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