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Grade D Beef/D Sides Double CD
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Released 2008
Format CD
1. Intro  (Grant+Vynee)
2. Hey Boy  (Mark Salinger)
3. Rainy Day  (Mark Salinger)
4. Backseat Bushwack  (DJ Andersonic)
5. Buy Me Things feat.Purrfection  (Dr. Wundt)
6. X-Mas  (D&D)
7. Dirty Girl  (D&D)
8. Astro Mishmash  (Astro vs. Clay D)
9. * Landslide  Jason Michel
10. * Extreme to the Max  Black Cracker
11. * Beverly (I Hate You)  Phonique
12. * Ratings  Ryan Eugene Kelly
13. * Public Announcement  Chris Vick

*=D Sides
Grade D Beef recorded in 2002 by Mark Salinger and Vynee.
Landslide & Extreme to the Max Recorded at Liquor Laughter Studios, Brooklyn, NY

Lyrics by D&D except:
Hey Boy, with Chris Graham
Buy Me Things, with Purrfection
Landslide by Stevie Nicks
Beverly (I Hate You) by Tea Party
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