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As Free As We Wanna Be
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Released 2006
Format CD
Lyrics songs 1. This Land Intro  featuring Jonas Jonasson
Lyrics songs 2. USA=#1  Jason Michel, Amy Kay, & Corvette
Lyrics songs 3. My Dirty South  McClintock G's and Roger Greenwalt
Lyrics songs 4. Cock Rock  featuring The Mr. Move
songs 5. The Wanderer  Andy D & Calvin Lam
Lyrics songs 6. Downtown  featuring Tha Pumpsta
Lyrics songs 7. D4  Mikey Lamar
Lyrics songs 8. Thanks, Bitch  Tadd Trueb and the Octopus Battle

cover art by Purvi Shah
*#5 original song by Dion
*#8 original song by Andrew Gold
*all other lyrics by Debbie and Daphne D with additional lyrics by:
*#1=Jonas, #4=Regi, #6=Jeremy Parker, #7=Mikey Lamar
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