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Clash of Cultures
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Released 2004
Format DVD + CD
1. Turn On  Fischerspooner
2. Rippin Kitten  Goldenboy + Miss Kittin
3. Laura  Scissor Sisters
4. What does it feel like?  Felix da Housecat feat. Miss Kittin and Melistar
5. I am the Robot  My Robot Friend
6. Stack Your Body  Hungry Wives
7. Supermodel Inc.  Larry Tee
8. Buy Me Things  Avenue D feat. Purrfection
9. Fake  Badd Inc. feat. Sophia Lamar
10. Ciao Manhattan  Creme Blush
11. Ooh, I like it  W.I.T.
12. 1,2,3,4  DJ Hell + Richard Bartz

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