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K48 #5 Magazine + CD
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Released 2004
Format CD
1. Overture:  Le Bestiare De Lamar in P minor
2. Human Pony Girl  Gold Chains
3. Country Cat  Crack: We are Rock
4. Ravish Me  Sophia Lamar + Someone
5. Youth Alcoholic  Fox And Wolf
6. Off The Leash (Khan Remix)  Yesandno
7. Wolf and Swan  Japanther
8. Roll  Aqui
9. A Call  Barr
10. Bedbugs  Avenue D + Phiiliip
11. Run Through the Wind  Xar
12. Jungle Tea Party  Ponce De Leon
13. Interspecies Love  Kevin Blechdom
14. Heart of a Dog  Mirror Mirror
15. 3 Mages  The Apes
16. Little Bird  Lil Pocketknife
17. Jennifer Love Hewitt  Ronald Vaughn
18. Doggie Style  Skinner + Product
19. Rat Relocation  Matmos
20. Alligator  Grizzly Bear

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