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K48 #4 Magazine + CD
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Released 2003
Format CD
1. Hover  P.F.F.R.
2. Why won't you call me back (matmos remix)  My Robot Friend
3. For the Second  Yesandno
4. Spiritual West (Phiiliip remix)  Black Moustache
5. Chloroform  Hungry Wives
6. Let's call The Whole Thing Off  Sophia Lamar + Phiiliip
7. Bang!  Avenue D
8. Titties Bounce  Gravy Train!!!
9. Overdose Scare  Tara Jo DeLong
10. Ghost  Ghost Exits
11. We Evil Sin  Monotrona
12. Back Answers  Momus
13. Tutor Tooth and Nail  Centuries
14. Nino Rojo  Devendra Banhart
15. Demon  Rusty Santos
16. Arranged Marriages  Ivy Nicholson
17. Stars and Stripes Forever  Matmos

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