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Released 2004
Format CD
Lyrics songs 1. Slut?  Mikey, Larry Tee
Lyrics songs 2. Stick it in!  Debbie and Daphne
Lyrics songs 3. 2D2F  Mikey
Lyrics songs 4. The Sex that I Need w/CAZWELL  Debbie
Lyrics songs 5. BANG!  Roger G.
Lyrics songs 6. Donkey Punch  Debbie+Daphne
Lyrics songs 7. O-tron  Mikey, Roger
Lyrics songs 8. Punk Rock Song  Vynee

Cover art by Spencer Product
*all lyrics by Debbie and Daphne except The Sex that I Need written by CAZWELL and Slut?, 2D2F, and O-tron were collaborations with Mikey Lamar
*Most of the stuff recorded with Roger Greenwald
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